My strength

  • Master degree of Computer Science

    Both bachelor and master degree of Computer Science. Have a solid knowledge for algorithms, data structure and how computer works.

  • iOS Developer

    Working as an iOS developer currently. Familiar with OOP, design patters, and architectures

  • UI Designer

    Have experiences for working as a UI designer several times with other developers. Familiar with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

About me

Software developer with extensive experience in designing, programming, maintaining, and troubleshooting applications in agile team environments. Self-motivated professional who is passionate about learning emerging technologies in the software landscape, architectures, and trends. Great at teamwork, as well as agile methodology and always test and write clean stable code with documentation.


★★★★ iOS:     Swift, Objective-C
★★ Back-end:   Java, Python3
★★ Front-end:    Next.js, React.js with Typescript

  • Experienced working with devs such as Android, QA, back-end developer, and UI/UX designer.
  • A good understanding of clean architecture, SOLID principles, interface oriented design, and DI
  • A good understanding of mobile framework: UIKit, SwiftUI, and RxSwift Experienced working as back-end developer for using AWS services such as DynamoDB, lambda, APIGateway
  • Skilled in modern Typescript framework including Next.js, React.js
  • Familiar with REST-API, React-Hooks, asynchronous features, component (atomic-design), SSG(ISR), SSR
  • Experienced submitting an iOS application to the app store with 100% Swift code.

Work Experience

Software Engineer/ iOS developer

Pela / Kelowna, Canada / November 2021 - current

  • Published Lomi (a native iOS) app to the App store with collaborating Android, QA, back-end developers, and UI/UX designer.
  • Developing IoT app using AWS-IoT interacting IoT Device
  • Worked with teammates under agile methodology using JIRA
  • Contributed to creating Authentication systems interacting with back-end servers.
  • Managed fundamental and essential features such as Navigation, DI, Localization, Accessibility, Logging, Analytics, Testing, and Build configurations.

Software Engineer/ Engineer - Technical and Engineering Division

Japanese Broadcasting Corporation / Tokyo, Japan / April 2016 - September 2020

  • Develop, maintain and operate interactive data broadcasting systems between TV and users.
  • Maintain and update software programs such as broadcast order of TV programs and TV program listings.
  • Maintain and update the broadcast software and hardware server.
  • Prepare reports and manuals on the status, operation and maintenance of software and hardware equipment.
  • Research, identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions.


Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo, Japan / April 2010 – March 2014, April 2014 – March 2016

  • Master degree and Bachelor degree of Computer Sciences.
  • Specialized in software systems and information & Data visualization. GPA 3.3/4.0

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada

Vancouver, Canada / Sep 2020 – Sep 2021

  • Committing iOS projects collaborating with other developers.
  • Learning Unit-testing code considering robustness, edge cases, and usability.
  • Learning Concurrency, Memory management, RxSwift, MVVM architectures, and Objective-C.
  • Learning Unit-testing code considering robustness, edge cases, and usability.




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